Solar Market Solution

Gain insight into rapidly evolving solar energy industry covering - state wise installed & upcoming capacity, RPO status & solarparks etc.


Make informed decisions to be the best-run business. Get insights upon state wise latest market trends, cost & price moves, assets development track for India's solar industry. Stay up-to-date about the market happenings with Eninrac's detailed data & in-depth analysis on rapridly evolving solar industry in India

Why this solution ?


Gain a deeper insights upon :

  • State wise opporutnity track across - solar utility scale, hybrid solar, rooftop solar, mini/micro grid etc.
  • State wise track of upcoming/anticipated solar power projects
  • State's indexation for ease of doing business - solar policies & regulations
  • Major M&A trends, investment & expansion plans, strategic partnerships & other market movements


Get actionable analysis,forecasts & market update with our :

  • Weekly and ongoing analysis of market-moving events
  • Quarterly & half yearly reports covering solar power installation, capacity addition & outlook
  • Quarterly & half yearly reports on solar projects development
  • Quarterly & half yearly reports on solar industry trends, market share, competition
  • State wise reports quarterly & half yearly reports capturing development solar industry archetypes


Are you looking for tailormade solutions? Not a problem

The bespoke consulting engagements, delivered by our industry specialists offer customized solutions for your specific needs as well. Drop your requirements at

How this can augment value ?

  • IPP
  • OEM
  • Investor
  • Government institution
  • Bank

Are you an IPP ?

Gain insights to :

  • Learn about state wise solar power landscape in India
  • Transform your operations by using benchmarking & advanced analytics
  • Learn about the solar market archetypes and competition
  • Devise concrete strategy and make informed business decisions

Are you an OEM ?

Learn about :

  • Identify RoI attractiveness of Indian states for setting/scaling manufacturing
  • Hedge the potential risks & to track competition
  • Market shares & future awards

Are you an investor ?

Take well informed strategic & financial decisions to :

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Enhance processes for decision making & review
  • Develop insights to inform planning, asset valuation & investment

Are you a government institution ?

Learn about:

  • Impact of national solar strategies
  • Solar energy landscape for making businesses more resilient to regulatory change
  • Evolving market structure

Are you a bank ?

Add dilligence in your lending by :

  • Overall solar industry performance
  • Company performance and market outlook
  • Asset economics assessment, scenarios for project and company returns
  • Players benchmarking

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